Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monsters among us.

This is sad little story. It involves monsters, murder, authority, education, and stupidity, but it does not belong on "The Warpath" because there is nothing and no one to go on the war path against.

Last Thursday, near my hometown, a nine-year-old little girl disappeared on her way from her friend's home a few hundred yards to her own home. Law enforcement, firefighters, and neighbors came to search the woods nearby and a roadblock was set up. Dozens more people who came to help were turned away because there was nothing for them to help with. In short order, the neighbors and passersby were interrogated in the vain hope of finding a clue. A day passed, then another.

Saturday evening, the case was broken but details did not begin to trickle out until Monday. A teenaged neighbor had shown law enforcement officers where the body was buried. The neighbor then confessed and was taken into custody. There was no mysterious stranger in a dark sedan to run down, just another kid with no life left.

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